Saturday, July 10, 2010


I always laugh when I hear the Brian Reagan bit about boxen. Today, however, I am not laughing. The trouble is that I'm packing. I have plenty of boxen to put things in, courtesy of Dan, my brother in law, and my place of employment. Hugo LOVES boxes. He keeps testing them out for me. But lack of boxen isn't the problem. It the simple fact that I HATE PACKING (and unpacking, it should be noted). I didn't unpack from my mission for 2 months, but that's another story entirely and I digress. I'm hard pressed to come up with something I dislike more that packing, unless it's going to the dentist. Sorry dentists. I've put together a whole list of my favorite music, which I have playing like the soundtrack to my life. I even splurged and had a little really good chocolate to help the situation, but in truth, not even chocolate and good music can see me through on this one. I think it all comes down to the fact that I'm totally overwhelmed by the whole idea of moving. Again. Sounds like someone better talk me off the ledge before I do something crazy (hence the picture of the tree on the cliff). The fact that I'm blogging instead of packing is one of my classic symptoms of overwhelmedness. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I find something else to do. Maybe I'll have some lunch and try to think small. Back to if after I find some yummy food! I promise.